Update on My New Album

I'm happy to report that Linden Tree near the Water is inching toward release. The album was mastered in February, and artwork and photography are in progress. The biggest obstacle is finding a way to finance the manufacturing of the discs themselves, but I'm making some headway on that front as well.

The running order has now been set (all songs written, produced and performed by yours truly):

  1. Next of Kindred
  2. Cabbagetown Princess in Parkdale Clothes
  3. That '70s Lifetime
  4. This Magnificent Dare
  5. Groping to Victory
  6. Nest for Little Bird
  7. After You
  8. Year of No Tomorrow
  9. Christmas with Bruce and Bob
  10. Lady Air
  11. Le chevalier manqué
  12. Linden Tree near the Water

A few more behind-the-scenes details also need to be put in place, but in any event I'm aiming to have the album ready by October. In the meantime, do enjoy the samples I've posted on my website.

In other news, the Floyd box keeps on giving. I discovered a means of converting audio on the DVDs to mp3: DVD Audio Extractor. It's free for 30 days, and it does a superb job. I tweaked the audio files in Audacity to create fades, eliminate silences and edit out extraneous commentary. Anyway, I now have 41 additional songs in my library (over five hours' worth!), and in keeping with the nomenclature I've called my virtual volume Extric/ation.

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