"Work" of Art

Your friendly neighbourhood indie musician here with a quick update. In September, I need to:
  • Finish mixing my album
  • Spend the remaining money from the grant I received for same
  • Send a completion report with final mixes, lyrics, results ("referencing your original goals"), a detailed studio log, invoices and proofs of payment
  • Apply for a FACTOR grant
  • Apply for an Ontario Arts Council grant
  • Apply for a Toronto Arts Council grant
  • Get quotes in order to prepare coordinated budgets for all three applications
  • Keep practising, especially guitar and harmonica together
  • Record a demo of the new song I've written
See, when you're nine years old, playing air guitar on a tennis racket to "Albert Flasher" and dreaming the rock 'n' roll dream, they don't tell you that being a musician will entail seriously hard work.

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