Unreal Estate

So, I heard a bizarre item on the CBC newscast last night. The owner of a Montreal diner just paid $15,000 to purchase a plot of "land" in a "place" called Decentraland, located in a "world" called the Metaverse. The…


What Time Is It?




Well, in this house at least, it's VST (Vern Standard Time), all year round.

Let me explain. I don't change my clocks, ever, and haven't done so for several years now. I live in the Eastern time zone, so I'm…


The New and the Old, Times Two


I've announced this elsewhere, so here's the news for you faithful blog readers: my new covers EP, Favourites, Popular and Otherwise, has now been released in mp3 format. Nine songs in all, guaranteed to warm your heart and soothe your…


Blue Jay Beginnings: the Jerry Garvin Jersey

As the 2021 Toronto Blue Jays continue their quest for a playoff spot, I've been revisiting my roots with my hometown team. I've been a fan from the very beginning, and attended that first game in the snow on April…


Gear Spotlight: Rickenbacker 360/12 MG

On a blustery day in March, I finally did it—I trekked out to Burlington on GO Transit and procured my dream guitar. I present to you the Rickenbacker 360 electric 12-string guitar in a Mapleglo finish:

Rickenbacker makes its guitars…


Virtual Ballpark Experience

As COVID restrictions, which I'm in full support of, continue in Ontario, one thing that I really miss is going to baseball games. To compensate, I've devised what I call the virtual ballpark experience. Here's what you need:

  • an interest…

Restore Blue Jays Radio

E-mail recently sent to Sportsnet, media conglomerate responsible for broadcasting all things Blue Jays:



I'm writing to express my outrage at Sportsnet's decision to axe the Blue Jays radio broadcasts. I've been a Jays fan since 1977, and…


Gear Spotlight: Vox Mini3 G2 Modelling Amp

Peanut butter and jam. Snow and ice. Sand and surf. Certain things just naturally go together, don't they? Here's a more musical example: Vox amplifiers and Rickenbacker guitars, the epitome of mod cool in the '60s, '70s and beyond. While…


A Cautionary Tale: President Abbie Hoffman

Imagine, if you will, an alternate reality where counterculture radical Abbie Hoffman was somehow elected president of the United States in 1972. Ridiculed as a lunatic by his opponents and considered a long shot even by ardent supporters, Hoffman lost…


Reaction to the US Election

After several nail-biting days, the US presidential election has finally been called in favour of Joe Biden. And though the current occupant can spew all the lawsuits and fury he wants, his case that the election was "rigged" has no…


Cycling and Staycations

Like many of you, I've been itching to travel but hesitant to do so, as safe conveyance remains an issue. That's especially true for those of us who rely on public and intercity transport to take us where we're going…


Woodstock at 51

As you all know, about a year ago I spent a three and half frenetic days recording XPNStock, WXPN's real-time broadcast of the entire 1969 Woodstock Festival in honour of its 50th anniversary. I'd missed out on the 38-CD box