Fundraiser: Keep Muswell Well

As many of you know, my beloved cat Muswell was diagnosed with kidney disease last November. He was in rough shape then and was put on a regimen of pills, powders and injections. With loving care and extensive veterinary treatment, his condition has stabilized and he's maintaining an excellent quality of life. We have truly kept Muswell well. But this treatment is expensive, and that's why I'm fundraising for Muswell's care.

Muswell is 15 years old, and he's an adorable, affectionate orange tabby. I've often said that he's a puppy in a cat's body. I have come to realize that he's more to me than a beloved pet. Muswell is my emotional support animal. He brings joy, warmth and comfort to my often challenging life. I aim to keep him well, and you can help. Any amount makes a difference. $5 buys a month of amlodipine, his blood pressure medication. For $10, you can give Muswell a month's supply of antacid and laxative. $20 pays for two weeks of mirtazapine, the appetite stimulant that ensures he keeps eating.

To learn more and give a gift of any amount to keep Muswell well, visit our campaign page: GoFundMe is secure, easy to use and accepts credit and debit card donations. If you'd rather donate by PayPal, cash or cheque, let me know and we'll make arrangements. All donations will go directly to Muswell's vet and medical bills. You will give a precious animal the gift of health and provide much-needed comfort and peace of mind to his human companion. Thank you!

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