Real Chords #9: George Harrison, "Dark Horse"

I've always loved this underrated gem in George's catalogue, and today, guitar in hand, I finally figured it out. Ironically, because of the tempo, cramped hand position and ongoing issues with my ring finger, I can't play it fluently; but hopefully, using the chord sequence listed below, you can.

To start, this is yet another song where you really must use a capo to make it work. There's a riff on the "A7" chord which is otherwise unplayable in this key. So, without further ado, here are the real chords to George Harrison's "Dark Horse":

Capo 7

  • Intro riff: (A7sus2 A7 A7sus2 A7 E7 E7addD E7) x2
  • Verse: A7 E7 A7 E7 B E7 B E7
  • Chorus: (Bb F C C G D) x3 Bb F C
E7 is, low to high, 020100, and the "addD" is just what it says: 020130. It's still an E7 chord, but you're adding the high D for some colour. A7sus2 is simply an A7 with an open B string instead of the usual C#, so it's x02000. It's really a leading chord up to the A7, creating that sweet opening riff.
There are a couple of other little licks in the tune as well. At the end of the chorus, after you've strummed on the C for a bar, alternate the high open E with a G, fretted with your pinky finger. And the last time the intro riff is played, you'll notice a lovely ascending E-F#-G# on the top string. The E of course is open, and you can fret the F# with your ring finger and the G# with your pinky. All assuming you can play fluently, which I unfortunately can't. But that's what I would do if I were able.