Vern's songs greatly impress me with their hooks and skilful arrangements. Regardless of the style he works in, he retains a strong sense of melody and harmony. His playing and singing are always impeccable, tasteful and perfectly suited to the song.”

A. David MacKinnon, producer and composer

capsule bio

Vern Nicholson is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and purveyor of folk 'n' roll: spirit-filled sad songs made better. Drawing on his classic-rock DNA, pop instincts and folk sensibility, he crafts soulful and melodic music, creating a vibe that's gutsy, warm and inviting. His 12-song solo debut, Linden Tree near the Water, was released in November 2017 on Grinning Zone Records (GZ-101).


Vern Nicholson

  • Linden Tree near the Water (2017)

The Benvereens

  • Ready to Go (2012)

Sour Landslide

  • They Promised Us Jobs (1997)
  • Friends of Dracula (1994)
  • Shine (1991)
  • Swank! (1990)
  • How to Fool Your Brother (1989)

sample tracks

These songs can be streamed in full. More tracks are available for streaming on my SoundCloud page.