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linden tree micro-tour

Coming in May/June: the Linden Tree Spring Micro-Tour. What's a micro-tour, you ask? For those of us unable to travel long distances or indeed book "proper" shows, the micro-tour is a way of performing to as many people as possible in a concentrated time frame, with the bonus of eating in your own home and sleeping in your own bed. As I conceive it, it'll entail playing as many Toronto open stages as I can during a four-week period. To further add to the intrigue, each gig will feature a fresh batch of songs: there will be no repeats! And if that's not enough, at each show I will debut a new song—either an original or a cover—I've never before played in public. All performances will be recorded, and I'll post a best-of-tour selection on my music page later this summer.

Dates are listed below. One caveat: since these are all open stages, which can come and go like the wind, all listings are tentative until the day after the show. :-) Your best bet is to check the same resource I used to plan the itinerary, Gary 17's exhaustive Toronto Moon webzine. If it's listed there the day of, chances are it's a go. Hope to see you on tour!

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Private Event

Toronto, ON


Private Event

Toronto, ON


Linden Tree Spring Micro-Tour: Open Stage

Don Heights Coffeehouse, 18 Wynford Dr., #102, Toronto, ON

Child-friendly, all-ages. $5 per person, $8 for families, or pay what you can (includes coffee and cookies). I'll be playing one or two songs. "Don Heights provides a relaxed venue for local performers. Each month, on the second Saturday, we have a main act followed by an open mic for anyone who wants to contribute a performance piece."


Linden Tree Spring Micro-Tour: Open Stage

Hirut, 2050 Danforth Av., Toronto, ON

Free, all-ages. Host: Nicola Vaughan. "Family-friendly open mic session from 3 to 6 p.m. All ages are welcome for this cover-free event featuring a mix of music genres."


Linden Tree Spring Micro-Tour: Open Stage

The Local Gest, 424 Parliament St., Toronto, ON

Free. I'll be performing three songs or more, depending on how many performers sign up. "Evan hosts this Cabbagetown tradition. A wide variety of performers sing and play everything from horns and keys to banjos and harmonicas."


Linden Tree Spring Micro-Tour: City Love Open Mic

Amsterdam Bicycle Club, 54 The Esplanade, Toronto, ON

Free. I'll be playing three songs. Host: Mark Villamor. "City Love Open Mic is for all musicians looking for a place to show what they got. Come join, jam and be a part of this growing event and community. We love originals and covers."


Linden Tree Spring Micro-Tour: Riverboat Monday

Dora Keogh, 141 Danforth Av., Toronto, ON

Free. I'll be playing three songs. Host: Tyler Ellis. "Toronto's best musicians gather at Dora Keogh Irish Pub to perform and enjoy great conversation and the company of good friends."


Linden Tree Spring Micro-Tour: Dr. B's Acoustic Medicine Show

Free Times Cafe, 320 College St., Toronto, ON

Free. Host: Brian Gladstone. "Join us for an intimate afternoon of great acoustic music, every Saturday. We want to create a place for artists, friends and fans to hang out. It's a good listening room filled with creative energy to enjoy some great music, and a place for artists to come out to meet their friends."

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